Bubble Speed

Bubble Speed is Gameduell's game i was working on in 2013. It is an appealing bubbleshooter game with some social / casual mechanics.

This was my first project where I could define a bit more of style. Original Bubble Speed was always a product that I wanted to improve.


  • creating layouts
  • defining UI style
  • animation (apart from Character animation which was not my work)
  • gfx integration

Work examples

Here are some examples of my work during this project:

Fluid Canvas

One of our first games using fluid canvas. That allowed us to concept some fun logic. Users that had bigger screens and aspect ratio allowing to see wider area, were able to see our game character on the left. Also rest of the layout, like for example game logo was relayouting itself dynamically.


Tutorial flow i was layouting and producing content for.

Game of the Week

Special game mode where user can trigger so called firemode. During firemode users is shooting with exploding bubbles. My main task was to deliver some firemode variations and layouts.


Frame by frame animation for cannonball.

Popup animations

Popup appear animation. Character animation was not my work, was done by my team colleague.

Result screen



Programming and Technology

Flash project. All graphics and animations were made using Adobe software.