Diamond Dash Reskin

Diamond Dash is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most succesfull game made by Wooga. It has a long history and a proud number of users that still enjoy to play that game.
It was a challenging but at the same time very exciting to take part in its redesign.



At Diamond Dash team I got a whole spectrum of responsibilities, such as:

  • creating mockups
  • creating prototypes
  • defining UI/UX Flows
  • creating animations and animation cascades
  • creating UI materials
  • implementing assets
  • refactoring scenes to unify or abstract use cases

Work examples

Navigation prototype

Diamond Dash because of it's age was no longer up to date with current standards, therefore we went a step ahead to improve it and we started with creating an interactive prototype in Invision.



Home scene

It is one of the first scenes we started to design. Following examples show current state which is an outcome of few iterations and a trade of betweeen old version of Diamond Dash and a Prototype.

Old Version


Reskinned DD

Our goal, was to reduce amount of information on certain scenes and to order it in a friendly but also intuitive way.



Intro Animation

This quick animation is one of FTUE elements. It replaces old static welcome scene.


Reskinned Ingame and Tutorial

This task what to visually update UI but keep the ingame elements intact.


Reward Animations

Rewards scenes share same Animation systems, but they differ in terms of content, purpose and colorcoding.

Gift Reward

This animation is mostly played when player receives a gift from us.



Ads Reward

Green color is reserved for Ad related scenes. This animation utilizes same system like the gift or sales animation. 



Sales Reward

One of the only occasions where up to 5 rewards are shown on the same screen. 



Ad wheel / Jackpot Reward

One of the only occasions where up to 5 rewards are shown on the same screen.