Grand Gin Rummy

Grand Gin Rummy is Gameduell's game based on popular card game called Gin Rummy. It is also first Gameduell game made in crossplatform technology that allowed to shorten deploy time. It was huge fun to be part of team responsible for this project but it was also a big challenge.



As Game Artist:

  • defining alternative style (not present in final product)
  • creating UI mockups across whole game
  • creating responsive layouts

As Technical Artist:

  • defining art team needs
  • extending Duell engine together with Engine Team
  • defining processes and workflows
  • teaching team how to use new tools and processes
  • supporting art team
  • art support for developers team

Work examples

Most of presented examples aren't seen in final product since they come from alternative game style that was not chosen by our users. 
My main idea was to deliver something in simple vector style but at the same style combine it with art deco epoch, since those are the times when gin rummy game was created. Althought Grand Gin Rummy varies in final shape from my proposal, but it uses the very same concepts of UI placing and user interaction i was developing.

Main menu

Two main menu options. First one is carousel slider and second one is a simple one page button menu.

Chat stickers

My proposals for Emoji's used in ingame chat. I was trying to fit vector - art deco-ish style.

Ingame screen

Following screen presents ingame layout. During creation i was delivering multiple setups from which this was the most practical in terms of visibility and user interaction.

Chat messages in ingame screen

Settings popup

Card faces and card layout

Cards design for mobile games is also very specific since there are many factors influencing layout. For example, number of cards, distance between cards, screen aspect ratio and position (horizontal and vertical). Those are only one of many, but in the end you can clearly see that presented card design varies from cards you may know. It is because we need to directly see what we have in the hand and it needs to be quickly recognizable.

Different card layout proposals together with card meld grouping proposals. Blue circle on the cards is a thumb size. It helps to determine which layout gives you most space to drag or click a card. Last group shows also a color variation.

Programming and Technology

Things i have learned:

  • to manage crossplatform workflows
  • Haxe and Python
  • Unity 3D
  • Spine 2D