Tropicats is one of a newest children of Wooga along with Junes Journey. It's a match 3 game with adorable characters and unique storyline.



I was responsible for creating mockups, UI and animations for few features in Tropicats. Depending on feature and work split between team members I had different tasks to do, varying from pure esthetic work to very technical ones, as e.g. whole game UI optimization pass, coordinated by our dedicated Technical Artist.

Work examples

Reward UI Animation

It uses custom solution for populating elements, because default Grid solution is not flexible enough. My proposed solution allows to reposition already shown elements, to create more drama and rewarding feeling. It also allows to center reward (unlike standard Unity grid solution with even numbers) and works with 1 to 6 reward types at once.

Purchase loader

Before I started to prepare this UI Animation I did a lot of research around the topic "perceived loading time", since it's often underestimated and in purchases case loading is an important factor. Noone likes to wait, right?
I can only recommend to read this article written by .

First try was to play around with characters and their weights, but it was a bit too much, even thought it was a lot of fun ^^
Nevertheless, main focus was a perceived loading time, so that shapes and timings differ across one loop of animation significantly.

Next tries are quite similar, just one character as idle animation and dots as part that adds dynamics to the whole scene. Last GIF presents an outcome with appear and hide animation.

New decoration UI Animation

This is a notifier animation, that's being shown everytime the user unlocks new decorations by completing levels and chapters. Amount of list elements is flexible.

Chapter Intro

Everytime user completes a Chapter, a new one gets unlocked. We wanted to have something feasible and with simple workflow but also rewarding and appealing. To improve User Experience and give a rewarding feeling to our Gamers, we decided to create an Intro for each Chapter. I was responsible for creating animation proposals and further integration into Unity. I was also creating layering system and integration tutorials for our Illustrator and another UI Artist.


This feature consists of many scenes and has a specific flair, since it is a special retention feature. I was taking over mockup phase and bringing this feature to the end phase, together with Unity integration and animation part. 

Tournament trophies

Trophy concepts for our Tournament Feature. It's collectible and at the same time, an ISO element that can be placed on users island.


Another big feature, comparable with Tournaments. I was working on this feature from the very beginning, creating mockups and Assets. Later on, it was taken over by another Artist, since I have been switching teams.

Programming and Technology

I've created bookmark system for our Artists to easily manage file during day to day tasks.