"If there are issues, there are also solutions."
There are no things that aren't doable, everything is doable with enough time and good will."

Welcome to my webpage. Hope you will enjoy your time here.

Few words about myself:

1) I am currrently a UI Artist / Senior Game Artist with strong technical background (More details on Linkedin).

2) I was born in 1984 and I have now more than 14 years of experience in various areas of design.

In fact I worked for about 6 years as graphic designer which doesn't really sum up all the responsibilities and experience I've gained during this time. My main focus was print design but I had a lot of occasions to work on multimedia and web projects.

3) After my move to Germany in 2011, I've made a switch to Game Industry, where I've started my career as Game Artist.

4) It took not long that thanks to support of my colleagues I have developed myself into Technical Artist position.
Technical Art is something specific and challenging but those are also the things that make it so interesting. I worked in that position for more than 3 years and I still want to develop further, to discover new technologies, new solutions and possibilities.

5) Since more than  one year I have UI Artist title, which seems to overlap quite a lot with my past roles. I really enjoy being UI Artist.

6) I am a highly motivated, positive person. I always give my best whatever I do.
I always look for best solution and I see myself as a good team player.