Bubble Island 2

Bubble Island 2 is a sequel to another successful title made by Wooga. I joined at a very late state, mainly to replace UI artist at this project and to take over his responsibilities. It was a great project to strengthen my skills and improve my 3D knowledge. Structure of the project was very flat and agile. One of the greatest achievements during this project was one of the last features, called Collections, mainly because our schedule was very tight and we had a lot of UX uncertainties to cover as well as find the technical way to make it happen.



My responsibilities at Bubble Island2 where:

  • creating wireframes
  • creating mockups
  • creating prototypes
  • defining UI/UX Flows
  • creating and implementing animations
  • creating UI materials and shaders
  • implementing scenes and assets

Work examples

WorldHub for Unlimited content

This task was including creating prototypes, icon styles, animations.

Prototype and Wireframes

Main goal was redesign of existing navigation into a version that will be not only better in UX perspective but also scalable in terms of content.




Ambitious task that we thankfully managed to finish in very short amount of time and with great results. 

Concepts / Wireframes

One of final wireframes, illustrating how the scene should look like and how the information should be split.


Advanced Flow prototype

Advanced flow prototype illustrating how animations should follow after each other and what elements will be needed.






To fulfill my concept of puzzle transitioning and to speed up the process, I've decided to write a puzzle shader. Some rough concept / overview attached. Whole system consits of Shader, Materials, own components and scriptable object libraries.





Following animations visualize the final concept in the game.



Coffee Rush

Additional Game Feature giving users extras for participating,

Scene Mockups





Extra Shots packages

Idea of the feature is to offer bigger amount of extra shots packages.




 Scene mockups


Double Ad Wheel

This feature was an idea to strengthen the usage of ads in the game. User was rewarded with extra valuables such as coins, fruits needed for progression etc. My task was mainly to deliver new icons, new wheel look and animations for reward scenes.



Flow prototype


Scene mockups